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Traveling opens door to creating memories

Our tour packages are filled with the best exploring exotic experiences and adventurous activities. You should see what we have for you.

Etameko Travels and Tours is an official representatives of a wide range of universities & colleges worldwide. You Can Trust Us With Your Study Abroad.

We offer professional advice and guidance for your visa processing.

With over 100,000 hotels worldwide our clients are guaranteed to get the best of relaxation.

About Our Agency

Aerial View of Cape Town with Cape Town Stadium

Etameko Travels & Tours is one of the best Africa’s leading travel agency. We remain a leading travels company in the heart Ogun State, Nigeria.

Etameko Travels & Tours has been able to build a whole new form of digital travel agency in the tourism industry in Africa, with a formidable expertise of highly skilled, resourceful and innovative team. We focused immensely on improving experiences and convenience for all clients on their destinations and have consistently tried to carve this as a USP guiding the development of their services.

We have worked hard to cultivate an unmatched expertise in the travel industry, working with top airlines, hotel chains on a preferred basis to deliver premier service, value and customer satisfaction that is second to none.

At Etameko Travels & Tours, our remarkable success can be explained in part by our cast-iron policy of offering completely impartial, well-researched advice to travelers. We are committed to placing the interest of customers first, every time.

This means securing the best possible value without compromising quality, service or convenience. We also operate in a serene environment that ensures growth of our staffs in every aspect of their lives hence enabling effectiveness of each staff member on the job. All Our staffs are trained to deliver top quality travel solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Meet the CEO


Dr. Aremu Adekunle is a well travelled Educated and Renowned personnel with the sole aim of establishing a trusted, competent, and reliable travel Agency which is solely rooted in INTEGRITY which has been what the company stands for.

Just like we earlier stated, Etameko has other sister business like the Etameko Farm, which is located in Namibia, Etameko Properties ( A Real Estate Company) located in Abeokuta Ogun state, Nigeria and Etameko CC Nigeria limited. These prestigious organizations are all owned by our amiable founder / Chief Executive Officer (CEO) DR AREMU ADEKUNLE, who hails from Ondo state in the South western region of Nigeria.

He is happily married and blessed with children.