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‘notice Of Parcel On Hold’ Scam Hits Local Community

They got to find a way to fill those gaps. Regardless the package was delivered on time. Paid £35 for Parcelforce Saturday uss-express.com legit 24 with collection. Waited in, checked once in morning with myparceldelivery as hadn’t received confirmation email.

reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

The fact that they’re closed on weekends is HORRIBLE. We should be able https://www.thestreet.com/topics/stock/top-rated-equity-freight-logistics to at least pick up packages from the facility on the weekends.

Take Your Money Then Ignore You! Cowboys!

We continuously work to improve our services, customer support and user-friendliness. Our goal is to be the number one solution for private individuals and companies looking to compare prices and order packages in the fastest and most convenient way. As you guys can see, they gave me number to call their team. No supervisor or no manager to hive clear answer. They are just sitting in a customer care and transferring my call here to there. I used express service, this is even not regular service.

  • They go around leaving false “delivery tags” on consumers’ doors.
  • Sorry but this is just plain unacceptable, and those thinking of using PM have been warned.
  • I have had next day shipping packages that I expedited and paid extra for get stuck for days/weeks.
  • Mostly, the false delivery notification may call back using a number having an area code of 809 or a ten-digit international number.
  • At the same time, they pressurise you to act quickly by warning you that delivery will be delayed or even cancelled if you don’t pay a necessary fee to release the article from storage.
  • Realizing what was going on, I told him about the romance scam I’ve been reading online and he flipped out.

Then when I cam to book it I was told that next day wouldn’t be possible it would be around 6-7 days which I said was no good. I was then told that it could be delivered in 4 days https://addicongroup.com/ which was fine so I booked it. The afternoon before it was supposed to be collected I was informed that the delivery of 4 days wasn’t possible and probably never was possible .

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The language is intended to make you act quickly without considering the consequences. If you click on links, you may download malware or hand over personal information. We regularly monitor the Internet for the unauthorized use of the UPS https://uss-express.reviews/company-review/ brand to protect our customers. The unauthorized or unlicensed use of UPS intellectual property is monitored and acted upon, if known. Please note that some fraudulent websites may have the look and feel of a legitimate UPS website.

reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

This is all a story to make you pay money. We’ve learned of a phony “delivery failure notification” email making the rounds. But, it says, if you print the attached form and take it to your local post office, you can pick up your package and avoid penalties. The message might also include a link for more details. I had an email this morning from what looked like DHL but below it said BHL. It claimed they have tried to deliver a parcel and even showed a photo of it!

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